Friday, May 29, 2009

Style Guide for Concert Review

There are two concert reviews due -- one next week and the other the day of the final

Each concert review should be 1-2 typed pages and should include:

The name of the performer or performers
The date and venue
What kind of music was it?
What was the instrumentation?
What was the repertoire (what selections did they perform?)
How was the set organized – fast followed by ballads? New Material verses old favorites? Did this organization contribute to the success or failure?
Critical analysis – this is the part where you say what you thought, but saying “it was great” will not be enough. If it is someone you have seen before how did it compare to previous experiences? If it was a new kind of music to you, what did you think? How could the performance have been better? You should try to touch on some of the things we talked about in class.

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