Friday, May 29, 2009

Style Guide for Analysis Paper

For the style analysis paper I would like 2 typed pages, double spaced. I do not want bullet points.

You should evaluate one of the songs on your list. (A few of you never turned one in). Identify the name of the song, the composer or band, the name of the album and the year the song was released.

Tell me something about the following:

Rhythm (including meter and tempo)
Melody/Tonality – not all popular music has an easy to identify melody, but there will still be issues of phrasing, repetition
Form/Genre – this would include the ethnomusicological flavor. But it is not enough to say it’s Latin – why does it feel Latin?
Timbre/Instrumentation – what kinds of sound colors do you hear? If there are vocals are they pretty, harsh, syllabic and melismatic.
The hooks – what musical devices are used to grab uyou and pull into the some.
Also talk about the structure – is it strophic (a song with repeating melody and different verses).
Summary – how does it all add up to making a song you like.

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